UC Social Justice Blog

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

UC Social Justice is the blog for the Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice of University of Cincinnati College of Law.  As part of the Center, our blog is about bridging divides–between theory and practice, our own university and greater Cincinnati, as well as building relationships across the nation and the globe.

This is the place where we will discuss and analyze the law and issues relating to social justice.  It’s also where we hope to connect to our growing community of partners and friends.

In keeping with our mission to bridge theory and practice, build relationships across communities and disciplines, and prepare students to take the lead in working for social justice, the Center’s blog will serve myriad purposes.  Among them:  analyzing news and legal  developments relating to our work in race, gender, and social justice;  providing a forum to interact with our communities on these issues; and highlighting Center activities.  It regularly publishes contributions from Center Co-Directors and guest bloggers.

Welcome to UC Social Justice!