DV and CPO Clinic

As part of a joint venture with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, UC Law’s Domestic Violence and Civil Protection order Clinic gives students practical experience in the civil setting and provides holistic legal services to survivors of domestic violence. Clinic staff assist students in learning every aspect of civil practice. As they learn skills ranging from how to conduct initial client interviews through all stages of advocacy, the Clinic offers students a supportive environment for entry into the practice of law. Clinic students consult extensively with clients on the benefits and risks of taking legal action, discuss safety concerns, make referrals to other providers (as needed), and represent clients through the civil protection order process.

Learn More: Collaboration Continues to Address Hamilton County Domestic Violence Issues (March 2020)

Anne Lucas

Visiting Assistant Professor | Interim Director of the Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic, College of Law

Anne Lucas is a 2002 alumna of the College of Law.  She also earned a master’s degree in joint Women’s Studies/Law Program–currently known as WGSS (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies).  Lucas served as a legal aid attorney in both Connecticut and with the Greater Cincinnati Legal Aid Society, practicing in the family law area. Most recently, she served as managing attorney for the Volunteer Lawyers’ Project.  At the College of Law, she has previously served as an adjunct professor and a past supervisor and instructor for the Domestic Violence Clinic.

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