Legal Participatory Action Research

Through the use of Legal Participatory Action Research (LPAR), the Jones Center engages with community stakeholders to identify legal issues and develop strategies to address them. Examples of issues include predatory lending practices, and domestic violence and intimate partner abuse.

Judicial Training on Domestic Violence: A 50-State Survey

Review the white paper “Judicial Training on Domestic Violence: A 50-State Survey” by Dr. Kristin Kalsem, co-director of the Nathaniel R. Jones Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice. The comprehensive survey outlines all 50 states’ DV judicial training policies, statutes, and programming, based on a survey of laws, statutes, proposed legislation, active legislation, and academic and practical studies, among other resources. We hope this resource can be used to further DV judicial training across the country. We want this resource to be as comprehensive and complete as possible. If you have any pertaining information, please contact Professor Kristin Kalsem at