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November 19, 2020

Transformative Justice/Restorative Justice and Prison Abolition
October 16, 2020

Collaboration Continues to Address Hamilton County Domestic Violence Issues
March 5, 2020

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Protective Orders Training Session

The second in a series of follow-up events to the 2018 Hamilton County Domestic Violence Summit was held on February 11, 2020. The two-hour training on “Navigating Protection Orders across Systems in Hamilton County” drew a full house.

The event featured insights from magistrates, judges, probation officers, and police officers, as well as representatives from the Sheriff’s department, the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic, and the Nathaniel R. Jones Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice. A wide range of topics included: service of protection orders; the differences between stay away/no contact orders and protection orders; what survivors can expect from protective orders; evidentiary issues; and responses to violations.

The Honorable Heather S. Russell, Hamilton County Municipal Court, served as a panelist and shared her thoughts following the event: “I continue to be amazed and impressed at the focus and passion of this awesome group…a passion to educate, find the glitches, and fix them.” This event was organized by the following:

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Collaborating for Safer Communities: Partnerships between Law Enforcement and Domestic Violence Service Agencies

The first follow-up event after the 2018 Summit focused on the partnerships that have developed between law enforcement and domestic violence service agencies, specifically between the Cincinnati Police Department and Women Helping Women (DVERT), and between Colerain Township Police and the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati (LAP).

Participants discussed how these advocate/police partnerships can benefit survivors by providing access to safety planning, support, and resources in the immediate aftermath of a domestic violence incident. This early intervention also allows these agencies to establish and maintain better contact with survivors throughout the criminal justice process resulting in better outcomes and safer communities.

Where the Momentum Began: the Hamilton Domestic Violence Summit

In October 2018, a diverse group of community members gathered at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law to attend and participate in a Hamilton County Domestic Violence Summit.  This Summit was collaboratively conceived of and organized by individuals at the Hamilton County Adult Probation Department, Legal Aid of Greater of Cincinnati, Ohio Justice and Policy Center, University of Cincinnati College of Law Nathaniel R. Jones Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice, Women Helping Women, and the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, out of their shared commitment to improving system-wide response to domestic violence locally. 

Improving system-wide response requires system-wide participation, thus, the Summit organizers aimed to bring together people from many different local organizations and agencies whose work involves intimate partner abuse – and we succeeded.  More than 115 people attended, including police officers, prosecutors, social workers, magistrates and judges, child advocates, victim advocates, probation officers, criminal defense lawyers, professors and law students, and mediators. More than 15 issues and next steps were identified during the Summit.

The Summit and the two follow-up events evidence an ongoing interest and a strong commitment in Hamilton County to address intimate partner abuse.

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Predatory Lending LPAR

From fall 2012 through summer 2013, the Jones Center engaged in a local, community-based research project on predatory lending practices, in partnership with Public Allies Cincinnati. To demonstrate how legal participatory action research (“legal PAR”) works in practice, co-directors, Professor Houh and Professor Kalsem, co-authored It’s Critical: Legal Participatory Action Research, published in the Michigan Journal of Race and Law. This article introduces legal PAR as a way for legal scholars and activists to put various strands of critical legal theory into practice. This article utilizes legal PAR to contribute to legal literature on the “fringe economy” that comprises “alternative lending services” and products. 

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Dodging the Debt Trap

In November 2015, the Jones Center hosted a free day-long conference called “Dodging the Debt Trap” to examine the spiral of debt around short-term, high-interest loans.

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