Voting rights

Down to the Wire. Have you registered?

The deadline is fast approaching. Don’t miss out.

This post is for all the procrastinators.  There was plenty of time to make sure your registration was up to date.  But not any more.

Ohio’s deadline is October 11, which is Tuesday. Right. Next week.

In Ohio, if you recently moved, changed your name, or haven’t voted since 2012, you may have be removed from the rolls.  To make certain you are registered, check here.  If you need to register, the necessary form and instructions on what to do are accessible here.   Don’t know where to vote?  Click this link to find your polling place.

Kentucky residents can register or update their voting status online. The same is true in Indiana. Twenty-nine other states and the District of Columbia also allow residents the option of registering online.  For more information and a chart to find out whether you can sign up, check, or update your registration status online, check out the National Conference of State Legislatures website.

Don’t be this guy.  Register.

Don’t assume that you’ve got this covered.  After all, how are you going to feel when you roll up to the polling place on November 8 only to be turned away?

Just do it.

Take a step toward social justice.  Get registered.  And vote.

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