Second Look

Second Look – A month in review.

Confessions Of A Lesbian Refugee From Iran – Iranian refugee, Jannat, thought the US would be heavenly, but with a looming Trump presidency, her fears are heightened on several levels. The Establishment discusses Jannat’s experiences as both a refugee and a member of the LGBT community.

Accessibility Problematic for Girls with Disabilities – Marginalization is common for women with disabilities in the workplace and beyond. Many women feel unable to participate in community activities due to accessibility. Women’s eNews talked with disabled women to shed light on the issue.

The Tricky Thing About Being Trans and Having a Mental Illness – The Editors at Everyday Feminism have created a comic that attempts to break down and explain the experience of trans folks with mental illnesses. The comic is a short, yet informative, look into the mind of someone with a mental illness who is also faced with a barrage of negative messages about their identity.

Rwandan Rape Survivor in ‘The Uncondemned’ Speaks Out‘The Uncondemned’  was released on October 21, 2016. The documentary follows the lawyers and activists who, in 1997, sought to prosecute rape as an international war crime. Victorie Mukambanda shares her experience as a victim and her testimony as Witness JJ.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO LOOK LIKE?” PUSSY RIOT SLAMs TRUMP IN NEW MUSIC VIDEO – Content warning! Pussy Riot, a Russian punk-rock protest group, released Make America Great Again prior to the election results. The video is NSFW and may hit close to home. Feministing has a recap of the video at the link above.

Donald’s Trump Card: White Women – Zoe Samudzi for Black Girl Dangerous discusses the role of women in the election with a specific look at the difference in white female voters and female voters of color.

How to Support Standing Rock – And Confront What It Means to Live on Stolen Land  – Waging Nonviolence presents eight ways that non-native activists can use to take action and build best practices for activism. Likewise, the article addresses solidarity work for those organizers in a myriad of concentrations.

‘Void When Initiated; You Can’t Grant What You Don’t Possess’ – Steven Newcomb, co-founder and co-director of the Indigenous Law Institute discusses the role of attorneys in creating counter-arguments to the colonial narrative of America.

No reading required – podcasts you may have missed.

Get It Right Podcast—The State of Black Women in TV (Part II) With Amy Aniobi – In the first episode post-election, Jamie Broadnax and Amy Aniobi discuss what it’s like to be a black woman in pop culture. Amy Aniobi is a writer and producer for HBO’s new show Insecure.

The Limit Does Not Exist Podcast—Follow the Women – Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell interview Camille Seaman, an award-winning photo journalist, documentary filmmaker, Stanford Knight Fellow, and a TED Senior Fellow. Camille discusses her experiences at Sacred Stone Camp and other significant moments throughout her career.

Second Look is a monthly content round-up of articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts highlighting all things race, gender, and/or social justice. Feel free to discuss your thoughts or opinions in the comments below.

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