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No Lost Generation at the University of Cincinnati is a student group aiming to support the ongoing global refugee crisis in the Syria. The group, tasked by the United States Department of State, works to ensure that the current generation of displaced is not lost to history. NLG has three pillars: education, child protection, and engaging adolescents and youth. NLG raises awareness and funds to support current non-governmental organizations (NGOs) already involved in raising awareness in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt – refugee hosting countries.

Along with the State Department, NLG at UC is one of 50 Student Initiatives across the US and international campuses. The NLG Student Initiative seeks to connect student leaders, humanitarian workers, and public and private sector employees in the goal of supporting refugees around the world. NLG Along with other NGOs, the Initiative supports international, UNICEF-led NLG framework, organizing refugee relief efforts in Syria and neighboring countries.

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NLG at UC wishes to act as a model for future collaborations between the government and university student across the country. It fundraises, provides support, and raises awareness about the refugee crisis. By becoming involved with NLG at UC, students and community members engage with speakers who have been to Syria assist in fundraising efforts and bolster a professional network.  There are a couple of ways to get involved right now.

  • On Tuesday, March 27th from 12-2 pm, Riham Alwan, a trained emergency medicine physician specializing in pediatric emergency medicine, will discuss Syrian Refugees and Health in the region. Her discussion, A Qualitative Health Needs Assessment of the Parental Perceptions, Beliefs, and Behaviors that Impact Healthcare Utilization of Syrian Refugee Children, will take place in Annie Laws, Room 407 of Teachers/Dyer Hall.
  • NLG at UC is currently hosting a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts fundraiser. Boxes of glazed doughnuts, specialty donuts, and signature coffees can be pre-ordered by Tuesday, March 27th using this link.

For more information on these events and to learn more about NLG at UC, please visit their facebook page, website, or contact the group by email.

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